Friday, April 11, 2014




BIO-WEST, Inc., environmental consultants seek full-time scientist or ecologist. This position requires producing standard wetland documentation and permits and wildlife reports, conducting baseline studies and surveys, leading field teams, participating as a team member, and working autonomously according to project needs. Must be able to travel and perform in extreme weather conditions and difficult terrain while meeting project time and budget constraints.

Submit letter of application, resume, and three professional references to No phone calls please.


The ideal candidate must be able to identify flora, fauna, and soils of the south and southwest, assess habitats for wetland and wildlife values, understand and comply with environmental regulations (e.g., NEPA, ESA, CWA), and assist team members and clients with the environmental permitting process. Skills must include written and oral communication, GPS, boat, and ATV experience, data collection, construction monitoring/inspection, and technical writing. Requires 2+ years of experience with: wetland investigations, delineations, and permitting; contributing to biological/environmental documents (e.g., EIS, BA), coordinating with state and federal agencies (e.g., USACE, USFWS); and acting as project manager/lead. Must be familiar with the MS-Office Suite and able to interact professionally with clients. Job requires a BS degree (minimum) in relevant field, demonstrated proficiency with the 1987 Corps Wetland Delineation Manual and its Supplements, and ability to obtain scientific collection permits as needed.

Resumes due: April 25, 2014

Start date: May 12, 2014

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