Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Job opportunity for recent graduates: Environmental Scientist I

M-I SWACO supports a full service bioassay test lab in the Houston Office.  Information generated by the laboratory is used to support the safe and responsible discharge of waste on a global scale.  To meet the expanding needs of M-I SWACO we are looking for a Level I Environmental Scientist to work in the bioassay laboratory.  The responsibilities will include maintenance of cultures, organizing samples, conducting tests, and writing reports. In addition to routine laboratory work, the environmental scientist will have the opportunity to work with top industry scientists to conduct research concerning marine discharges on a global basis. Core areas of responsibility include maintaining marine cultures for biological testing and setting up bioassay tests.  The position will work with another Environmental Scientist I in the bioassay lab and a more senior scientist that will direct the daily work efforts.  The position reports to the director of Environmental Chemical Services.

Required Qualifications: BS degree in a biological science. 
Experience: General knowledge of chemical, biological, and environmental sciences. Six months – 3 years’ experience conducting assays in a laboratory.  The ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience with marine cultures.  Key attributes include; good organizational and planning skills, the ability to handle multiple activities successfully, good attention to detail, good analytical, communication and problem solving skills
Contact Jessie Patterson to apply: (281) 285-3173 or JPatterson5@slb.com 

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